Thursday, July 14, 2011

Toronto Transit Commission TTC

Many people has different opinions about the Transportation Service in Toronto. So I decided to mix the good and bad of the service from my very personal point of view. The following are part of my personal analysis about the Toronto Transit Commission.

The Good things about the TTC:

- First of all its service is frequent, specially in rush hours which is very convenient for people that work in the Downtown area.
- Also, TTC has a large number of Buses that run all over the city, in every Major streets in Toronto. 
- A good thing about the TTC is its prompt make-over, where new trains are joining the current float of trains running on the subway. -The TTC has special Blue lines where people can use the buses 24/7, so if someone had use the service at any time during the day, always transportation. 
-For women, there is special request to the bus driver to Stop at any part of the street where is more convenient and safe for them. 
- Now in every subway station, specifically on the platforms you can see the exact time the train is reaching the station which makes people less impatient. 

The bad things about the TTC:
- So first of all one of the things that TTC has not improved is the bus service frequency ins some areas. In some places the services is not available. Other times you might have to experienced delays and when there is a lot of people waiting, two or three buses come together, which seems like there is a lack of coordination in the TTC.
- Usually in big cities the public transportation mainly subway runs 24/7 and Toronto is the exception, where the services ends around 1:30 am and begins 5:30 except Sundays where it starts at 9:00am.
- Another inconvenient is the poor customer service comparing with other countries where the service is mainly privatized, and in Toronto as a Municipal Service, many of the employees take it as an advantage and the services most of the times  become extremely rude. 
- Old float of Buses and Trains as well Street Cars. 
- Excessive price compared with major cities in North America and in other parts of the World. 

In conclusion, we can say the good and bad things converge in one main point, TTC needs a revitalization, and so far, the Service has been has been useful to millions of people that need to go from one place to another during the day. Seems like the Toronto Transit Commission TTC is working towards to renovate the Service and due  to numerous complains,  even the customer Service might improve in a near future. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

BIXI Toronto

The other day I was walking in the city of Toronto, and I realized that in a key points of the city, the loca government has installed many Bicycle spots where you can rent a bike for $5  and you can enjoy the city riding a bicycle. It is a great idea for those who do not have one or the ones that live outside the city and when the get the time the visit Toronto, instead of walking they can see the city faster using a bike. It is also great because it make us do more exercise and makes us stop using the car!! and become more greener :)

Definitely a great idea from the Toronto City Hall and I am sure this will be a great success for this summer season and to promote a healthier lifestyle for those who are not use to have one. 

It is important to say that because there are key spots where you can get a bike, you also can give the bike back in any of those spots where the bicycles are located along the downtown area, so you do not have the inconvenient to just go back to the same place you got the bike. I will try this new option to change the way how I enjoy Downtown Toronto. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

101 Things you do in Toronto

This is my 101 Things you do in Toronto list, so feel free to comment :)

1.- You drive 410 at least 5 times per week and as well get stuck on traffic in 401 at least 5 times per week.
2.-Your weekends are downtown weekends!
3.- You are proud of the Multiculturality but you still complaint when people do not speak english.
4.- You cannot pass a sale, and you cannot stay away from Winners
5.-  Do not look into somebody's eyes while walking
6.- You HATE the TTC Service (Toronto Transit Commision)
7.-  You cannot stay away from coffee
8. You visit Tim Hortons every morning, and McDonalds (for coffee) too, and second cup,  and coffee time ah and Timothy's and .... (more)
9.- Your favorite topic to start a conversation is with a complaint about weather: or it is too hot, too cold, snowing, etc
10. You know that TTC driver will not wait for you, even when you run as fast as you can to try to cross the street carelessly.
11.- There is always a crazy character on the TTC bus, subway or Street car.
12.- You have more than one job.
13.- You had an asian girlfriend.
14.- When you go out for clubbing, you pre-drink to save money or to get unconscient in the Club.
15.- You had or you have smoken pot.
16.-  You test perfums atThe Bay but you purchase them at winners or in Yonge Street.
17.- You  know somebody with a Coach Purse (original or fake)
18.- You have or know somebody that wears "UGGS" always
19.- You rush to get booze at the last minute before LCBO closes.
20.- You go to see the doctor several times per year.
21- You have at least one piece of underwear of La Senza.
22.- You change your cellphone at least every year.
23.- You looove Facebook
24.- You have at least 500 pictures posted on Facebook
25. You just buy electronics from Future Shop and you wait to get them in Boxing day.
26. You keep complaining why walmart has 20 cashier registers but only 2 open
27. You never tried home-made orange juice.
28. You go to eat to restaurant and you leave just 10% tip
29. You miss work when you do not feel working but also you have worked extra for absent co-worker.
30.- Does not matter if you have the earliest appointment to see the doctor, there   will be at least 8 people  ahead of you.
31.- You pay lots for your home, and it is old and if it is not old, you pay way more.
32.- You have a friend who is real state agent
33.- You love hockey and if not you try to...
34.- You are tired to see the Maple Leaf Losing
35.- As well The Raptors
36.- If you live in Scarborough you hate Mississauga and vice Versa
37.- You do not get a taxicab when you need it
38.- You do not step at Jane and Finch area.
39.- You have a Brita at home
40.- Everytime you go to Dollar Store you buy extra things that you did not have in mind.
41.- If you are teenager, you do not need a winter jacket.
42.- You have taken kids to McDonalds playgrounds.
43.- When you see a bad driver you know that is chinese or indian driver.
44.- If you wanna get something for cheap, you check on craigslist and buy it.
45.- You have ever seen a 45 grams bag of chips or Doritos.
46.- You know chinese supermarkets are the cheapest.
47.- You must have a Northface or Canada Goose jackets in your belogings.
48.- You spend more time in your phone than talking with in person with anybody.
49. You are multitasker: drive, text messages, eat lunch and have coffee all together!
50. You would love to live on Yonge Street.
51.- You sign up for Exteme fitness at some point, and stopped going, but keep paying.
52.- You excape to the cottage every long-weekend
53.- You wish to have a boat.
54.- In summer time, you barbecue almost every day.
55.- You run or ride bike, if not you ride a scooter.
56.- You hate the ads of "The Cash Man"
57.- When you wanna throw something, you drop it in Value Village, Good Will or Salvation Army at any time.
58.- If you are a recent graduate, you lease a new car.
59.- You prefer RONA instead of Home Depot.
60.- The best season for you is Fall because the Red Landscapes.
61.- You love pets.
62.- You love them so much that you have them even if you do not own a place.
63.- Plus you can have more than one.
64.- You drink Starbucks to use the internet wireless and/or feel fancy uh?
65.- You love Pizza Pizza.
66.- You have been at Nathan Phillips Square at least once to skate.
67.- You watch CTV News
68.- And listen 680 News on the radio.
69.- If you own a car, you must have winter tires and all-season too.
70.- You have Merrel or Kodiak winter boots.

71.- You buy your furniture in IKEA and plus has daycare.
72.- You go to Buffalo to do your shopping, wearing old clothes and change them for new.
73.- You love the PC chocolate chip cookies
74.- You have more hope for the Blue Jays than for Maple Leafes. But still you love more the Maple Leafs..
75.- You love basements but not to rent them.
76.- You think the ROM has a strange design, you do not hate it, but you do not love it.
77.- You know where Zanzibar is located and you always take a pic to see if you know some of the customers.
78.  In summer time you always go to Ontario place and to the CNE after.
79.- Even if you are not gay, you have been at the Pride parade to take a pic afterwards.
80.- You had, have or will have OSAP debt
81.- You have a dog or a cat, but if you do not have any of those you might have a bunny.
82.- You feel asleep. period.
83.- You have been at the Toronto Zoo and never seen the tigers as always are sleeping.
84.- You have gambled: 649, scratch and win tickets, casino gambling
85.- You have had you car stuck on the snow and not winter tires in.
86.- You do not trust in american cars. For you the best investment is a Japanese vehicle even 12 years old.
87.- You got your G2 by luck or when was not hard.
88.- You have had a Traffic ticket when you less expected.
89.- And when you see a police patrol instantaneously you slow down, so slow that you can get a ticket for it as well.
90.-  You have fought that traffic ticket in court hoping the police officer will not show up.
91.- In summer, you visit or Wasaga Beach or Sauble Beach as you do not trust in the waters of Ontario Lake.
92.- As girl, you do not care if it is below 10, you keep the style and wear miniskirt and high heels to go clubbing.
93.- You have travelled somewhere outside Canada at least once in your life, but for sure the US.
94.- Everytime you meet somebody from Mexico, you complain about the killings of Canadians over there but you keep going on vacation.
95.- You have been at Wonderland and you buy a funnel.
96.- You go to the movie teather mostly on tuesdays and you do not forget your scene card.
97.- You have tried Bubble tea and you know the places to unlock cellphones, game consoles are either on Spadina or Pacific Mall.
98.- You have been under unemployment Insurance.
99.- You feel proud of the CN tower, and sometimes critized the lighting on it.
100.- You work somewhere in Downtown area and live in Scarborough, North York, Etobicoke or Mississauga.
101.- You are proud to have in your Phone line (416).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TD Bank Offices

These are images of one of the most beautiful Buildings in Toronto, I am talking about the The Dominion of Canada Building or TD Bank Building in Toronto Downtown, where TD bank offices are located. 

TD Canada Trust Tower is located on 161 Bay Street in Toronto. It is a high rise that was finished in 1990 and it is the Centre of the offices of the TD Bank in Toronto. This tower was build by Owings & Merrill and Skidmore. It has 53 floors, 4 basement floors.

Even though is not the tallest building in Toronto,  has a very indentifiable desing that stands from other buildings in the City.

The height of this tower is 856 Feet or 261 Meters. On the top of the building can be appreciate the TD Bank Logo.

The pictures were taken from the south side of the building, on the Gardiner Expressway in a beautiful sunny day of January  2011 and in a mild Winter season so far. 

Many people that live in Toronto love to live around this area, as the view is beautiful at night time when the Condominiums have as neighbors great constructions as the Buildings of Banks and the biggest Canadian Enterprises, and obviously they pay for the luxury of living in a Cosmopolitan City as Toronto, Ontario. 

Skydome Toronto

These are pictures of the Skydome Toronto, named later on as  Rogers Centre in Toronto taken from the Gardiner Expressway.

The Skydome/Rogers Centre is a stadium located in Downtown Toronto. It was opened in 1989. The stadium changed its name to Rogers Centre after the telecommunications company bought it.

The Stadium has a fully-retractable motor roof that can be open during summer time and closed in winter or rainy days This is the home of the baseball local team known as the "Blue Jays" as well the football team The Argonauts, while in spring-summer the baseball team plays, in summer-fall season is place of the Football team. As well is the most important scenario of the most famous Artists that play for great masses. 

It has been also the place to  celebrate the Chinese New year Festivals and any massive events in the City of Toronto.

The roof can be open in summer season, and can be closed automatically in case of rain. It is a great place to visit while you are in Toronto.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My first complain about Toronto Winters

I just have to say that I am extremely tired of the winter. We have experiencing tons of snow and now even low temperatures that obligate me to stay indoors when I love to have a nice walk outside! Summer come fast! Many car accidents, people sleeping on the wheel and myself just trapped!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Shopping at night

Metro in Toronto

In  Toronto you can go shopping at night. Yes you can make your groceries at anytime during night. Walmart offers long hours until 23:00 but if you need to do groceries after midnight or after you can go to Metro. There are many locations in key areas in all the city. You can expect higher prices than Walmart but still is not overpriced. It is open 24 hours, 7 days a week so even if at night you feel like you are missing something, or you just cannot fall asleep you can go to this store, walk and get your groceries, which can be really convenient if people works during the day and you do not have time to go and buy in the places where usually at 9 pm are closed.

Toronto Tower

The CN tower stands 553.30 meters or 1815 ft tall. It is the main attraction of Toronto, it is the genuine signature of the City, and it is the symbol as the City is identified around the world.

The tallest Toronto tower was named after the Canadian National, after the company which built it, the Railway Company. After the privatization of it, the  CN tower passed to be controlled by Canada Lands Company.

It was declared one of the Modern Seven Wonders of the world. It used to held the  title of the world's tallest free-standind structure until the structures Burj Khalifa in 2007 was completed as well the Canton Tower(600m) in 2010.

It is a great attraction to visit in Toronto. The tower offers tours and it has a glass floor considered the highest in the world, where you can take pictures, stand and jump in the heights and enjoy the view down.

The CN Tower has 2 restaurants, one a  high-class service and which structure rotates a total of 360 degrees in 60 minutes, called 360 Restaurant, and the Horizons restaurant which offers a great menu and  it is considered the World's highest Bar.

This is a picture of the CN Tower Toronto, taken in a  sunny winter day of January while driving on the Gardiner Expressway. This is a great view towards Downtown Toronto and of course the great architecture of the City.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ice skating in Toronto

In Winter time, there are many places where people in Toronto can go out and do ice skating. In Downtown area, as well in the uptown area, there are places like parks and malls where everybody can take the skates and have some even though the temperatures can reach very low  degrees.

Here is a video to show how people have fun below zero :)

Toronto Christmas at The Bay

Personally I love Christmas and I really enjoy the stores and how they put effort to make everybody to feel the season and spend all their money, which I do not do,  but I enjoy what they do for the customers... and curious people walking outside the store... enjoy! Happy X-mas

Toronto Winter 2010

Toronto City has the kind of weather that makes people feel happy when celebrating Christmas, the  snow and cold temperatures makes of Toronto very special and the beautiful landscaping full of sparkling snow contrasting with the darkness of the night and the light of the moon, definitely offers a very romantic and cozy environment to celebrate Christmas.

However, Toronto has one of the mildest winter and cold temperatures of all Canada, and the last two seasons have been the best examples of it as Toronto city did not have tons of snow which saved people's time and effort skipping shovel snow and the driving issues that appear with frosted roads.

The pictures on the top were taken at the Shops at Don  Mills, located in the intersection between Lawrence Avenue and Don Mills Road. In this plaza you can find a variety of stores as Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Banks, restaurants, Contemporaneous bars, and Phone and electronic stores with a sophisticated environment.

The picture on the left side and below were taken at the Danforth Street, known as the Greek town as many Mediterranean restaurants are located along the street and the area. You can find Italian, Greek, Balkan, Mexican and even Middle eastern food in this area, as well clothing and accessories. It is a great to visit all the year round. Great food and Great environment!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Facts of Toronto

Toronto Canada
Toronto is a multicultural centre, where ever year many people from around the world choose this city to immigrate and start a new life. Toronto is been compared to New York but in a smaller scale. Some of the Facts of Toronto are described  as follows:

The population in Toronto aproximately is 2.48 Million, but adding the population living in the Great Toronto Area rises to 5.5 Million. Great Toronto Area (GTA) it is the conjuction of the cities around Toronto as Scarborough, North York, East York and Mississauga. 

Half of the population of Toronto was born outside Canada. 

The Official Languages in Canada, including Toronto are English and French, but 30% of the population in Toronto speak other Languange.  

Toronto is part of the province of Ontario in Canada. 

The word Toronto has its root derived from the Huron word for Fishing Weir. Toronto area has a total of 641 square Kilometers, with 43 Km from East to West and 21 Km from North to South and it is located in the shores of the Lake Ontario, one of the 5 Great Lakes of North America.

This is a picture taken from the central island in Toronto City. The sky of Toronto is like no-other in the world, and I have been in many places.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ROM Toronto

The ROM Toronto or Royal Ontario Museum was founded in 1912. It is the largest Museum in Canada. It is located on Boor Street in Downtown Toronto. This Museum offers the most famous exhibitions of the world. and has  collections  of Dinosaurs, African Art, East Asian Art, European and Canadian History.
Royal Ontario Museum Toronto

Since 2007, the Museum original building has a new addition that consist in a Crystal houses designed by Daniel Libeskind and which one can be appreciated in the picture beside.
You can visit this Museum taking the subway line and going out at the Museum Subway Station in the Downsview line or in the St. George on the Boor Line. 

The ROM in Toronto has a very contemporaneous architecture where the Old Structure has been added with a multi-shape abstract design that expels the contradiction in the Museum Architecture. 
Diet cokes in Toronto

In Summer time in Toronto, you can get many things for free, actually I got these Coca-Colas from a Stand located beside the ROM. I guess some of the many treats people in Toronto enjoy are free stuff while you walk on the street.

Toy House Toronto

House of Toys in Toronto

This is one house in the City of Toronto that had an impact on me. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. It was just a shock seeing so weird home decoration for the garden... Something unique I must admit and never seen in my life. At the beginning I thought in the house they must have some problem like hoarders but maybe it is just a different taste.

Toys house in Toronto

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Natalie Portman in Toronto at the TIFF

These are the pictures that I got from the red carpet of the movie Black Swan. She looked so gorgeous and  she took time to greet her fans and give some autograph as everybody was cheering for her and scream her name. She was very kind and beautiful.

Nicole Kidman in Toronto

I got the chance to take some pictures of Nicole Kidman when she lead the red carpet of the Premiere of her new Movie Rabbit Hole. She came with her husband Keith Urban to the Elgin theater located at 189 Yonge St.

Trigger movie at TIFF

I had chance to be right in front of the red carpet of the Premier of the Canadian Movie "Trigger" and here I share some of the pics I had privilege to take.

 The Director of the movie Bruce McDonald
 The actor Callum Keith Renn
 The actress Molly Parker
The actor Callum Keith Renn and girlfriend Polly Shannon 


As we have been experiencing  the Toronto International Film Festival 2010, it would be very bad of me if I do not post some of the pictures I had taken. I share with you some of the good moments I had trying to catch some stars in the skies of Toronto in this cool September.

These are some pictures that I got on Sunday September 12th, 2001 while I was walking on King Street, and suddenly I noticed that K'naan is having a concert on the street.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fist Canadian Place

The first Canadian place is part of the financial district in Toronto, is a construction located in the intersection of King and Bay Street is the Head quarters of the Bank of Montreal.

The architects of this beautiful construction were Bregman + Hamman Architects and the design was in charged of Durell Stone  & Associates back in 1975. 

The First Canadian Place is the highest building in the city of Toronto. Approximately 10 thousand people work at the FCP everyday.

The height of the FCP is 355 meters (including the antenna) and from the floor to the roof has a height  is 287 meters.

A few of the Restaurants in Toronto are located at The First Canadian Place, as a wide variety of stores where the visitors from around the Globe can feel completely comfortable while they enjoy of this magnificent construction.

Eatons Centre

 These are pictures that show Eatons Centre in the city of Toronto. It is a great place to do fancy shopping and its architecture makes you feel admired by the way it was built. The Eatons centre is a great place to visit its washrooms anytime you have a long walk in the city of Toronto. And it is like no other mall astonishing! I love to do shopping in that mall  because it makes you feel part of the Canadian wave.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dundas Square in Toronto

Dundas Square Toronto

These are some pictures to show Dundas Square in Toronto. For Torontonians, this square seems similar, but in a smaller size than Madison Square Garden in NYC.

In Toronto, during the weekends you can see different activities that diverse groups produce to provide of some entertainment to the public and visitors of this Square.

It is very common to see shows with artists from around the world, as well expositions, art, food court and sometimes you can just have sit and enjoy of a relaxing time. 

Dundas Square Hard Rock Cafe

As it is shown in the pictures, Dundas Square has lots of stores as Adidas Store, the Eaton Centre, Cinema, cafeterias and restaurants so you do not have to walk to far to enjoy of the city environment that Dundas Square provides to all its visitors.

Dundas Square in Summer

Do not miss the chance to visit this key point of the City of Toronto.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yonge street Canada

Yonge Street Canada is the most important street of this country and the most famous and visited one in Toronto City.  Yonge Street is recognize as the longest street in the world. With 1896 Km of Length, this arterial street is the place where all the culture of Toronto can be seeing and recognize; it is  easy to see the geographic and architectural changes of the city  when waking or driving on this important street. 

Yonge St. is a synonym of fun, lights,  a Street full of life. Along this street you can have a nice walk, do window shopping, real shopping, have nice meal, buy a  coffee, truffels, ice cream, go to school, libraries, etc there is a world of possibilities in to do in this huuuge street. You can eat any kind of food for each budget. 

There are sex shops  and Strip Clubs as well, and  the biggest and most famous stores in Toronto as The Bay or Future Shop. One of the most recognizable malls in Toronto is located beside Yonge St and it is called Eaton Centre. Also Dundas Square is located in Yonge St, and this plaza is  a place for people during the week to enjoy of variety of spectacles,  shows and entertainment place that expose different artists, music and cultures. 

Under Yonge St., the Subway line is build from the Union Station (southbound) to Finch Station (Northbound) and  which makes easier for people  in Toronto to move across the city from south to north and vice-versa.

There are tons of fun located in this street and it is one of the main attractions of tourist when coming to visit Toronto. 

This is a link  for a video of  Yonge Street from the Southbound to Northbound:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Toronto Seasons

Summer in Toronto
Toronto City is known as one of the warmest cities in Canada, after Vancouver in British Columbia.

The weather in Toronto can fluctuate a lot during every seasons, and even can be unpredictable, some years will be warmer than others reason why people living in Toronto always will give their point of view about the weather. That is a classic Torontonian Topic.. the weather.

 Toronto usually has a great summer time, reaching nice and hot high temperatures that can reach 38-40 Celsius degrees in the warmest days but the average of temperatures in summer time is  around the mid-twenties, possibly 30 Celsius degrees. The summer ends in as the season in the end of September. 

Maple Leaf in Fall

In fall, the view of the city is amazing, to experience the fallen of the tree leave, the transition of the colors from green to reddish, and how they fall from the trees, every suburban street full of leaves on the ground, downtown Toronto, everywhere the view is great. And it is expected the temperatures start to drop to and average from 14 to 5 Celsius Degrees. 

Toronto Fall

 It is a beautiful season but at the same time, sad for people that live in Toronto because this becomes the early announcement of the cold season, the really bad and freezing temperatures to be experienced for everybody who lives in Canada.

Toronto in Winter

Winter comes early in mid-November, worsening in January-February reaching constant low temperatures as -20 or -30 degrees. Some days can be sunny but freezing as other days can bring snowfalls, snowstorms that warm up the city, bringing the -5 to 2 Celsius degrees.  The winter temperatures are still during spring, and slowly start to increase in mid May to June when the warmer temperatures can be felt.

It is to say that people in Toronto are so used to the temperatures that it does not matter how cold it is, the activities of Torontonians do not stop, and that is something to admire. 

Toronto, The city

Toronto is located in Canada. Toronto is the capital city of the Ontario Province. The city is geographically sited beside the Lake Ontario (one of the 5 great lakes in Canada). 

The city of Toronto has approximately 2.5 Million habitants distributed in 5 cities that are part of Great Toronto Area and are Scarborough (east), East York (east), Toronto, North York (north) and Mississauga (West).

 It is a multicultural centre where you can easily find many people from different countries, sharing culture, food, traditions and education. Toronto is the home of  Universities internationally recognized as University of  Toronto,  York University, Ryerson University and more. It is a cultural centre that opens its doors to international students, that can be easily identified while walking on the streets of the main avenue in Toronto, which is called Yonge Street, and one of the longest avenues in Canada, where many schools to learn English are located. 

The most famous construction in Toronto is easily identifiable as the CN Tower, which is one of the tallest constructions in the world, ranking in place #3, after the  Burj Dubai and Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower. 

Toronto city is rich in culture and the food is great having a huge variety in tastes from the Japanese and Chinese cuisine, Indian, middle east, eastern European, Mediterranean, Mexican, Caribbean, South American and more, there are plenty of possibilities to find in Toronto restaurants from each part of the world. There is known between torontonians that the world lives here and they might be right. Coming to visit  Toronto City is a world experience, you will see the world living in one city.