Thursday, July 14, 2011

Toronto Transit Commission TTC

Many people has different opinions about the Transportation Service in Toronto. So I decided to mix the good and bad of the service from my very personal point of view. The following are part of my personal analysis about the Toronto Transit Commission.

The Good things about the TTC:

- First of all its service is frequent, specially in rush hours which is very convenient for people that work in the Downtown area.
- Also, TTC has a large number of Buses that run all over the city, in every Major streets in Toronto. 
- A good thing about the TTC is its prompt make-over, where new trains are joining the current float of trains running on the subway. -The TTC has special Blue lines where people can use the buses 24/7, so if someone had use the service at any time during the day, always transportation. 
-For women, there is special request to the bus driver to Stop at any part of the street where is more convenient and safe for them. 
- Now in every subway station, specifically on the platforms you can see the exact time the train is reaching the station which makes people less impatient. 

The bad things about the TTC:
- So first of all one of the things that TTC has not improved is the bus service frequency ins some areas. In some places the services is not available. Other times you might have to experienced delays and when there is a lot of people waiting, two or three buses come together, which seems like there is a lack of coordination in the TTC.
- Usually in big cities the public transportation mainly subway runs 24/7 and Toronto is the exception, where the services ends around 1:30 am and begins 5:30 except Sundays where it starts at 9:00am.
- Another inconvenient is the poor customer service comparing with other countries where the service is mainly privatized, and in Toronto as a Municipal Service, many of the employees take it as an advantage and the services most of the times  become extremely rude. 
- Old float of Buses and Trains as well Street Cars. 
- Excessive price compared with major cities in North America and in other parts of the World. 

In conclusion, we can say the good and bad things converge in one main point, TTC needs a revitalization, and so far, the Service has been has been useful to millions of people that need to go from one place to another during the day. Seems like the Toronto Transit Commission TTC is working towards to renovate the Service and due  to numerous complains,  even the customer Service might improve in a near future. 

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